At Harbour’s Edge we can cater to any type of celebratory occasion including intimate gatherings for milestone birthdays, religious celebrations, anniversaries and engagements.


  • 4 ½ Hour Beverage Package (includes unlimited sparking wine, red & white wine, beer & soft drinks)
  • Gourmet Cocktail Food
  • Live Band
  • Darling Harbour Fireworks (9pm and Midnight)
  • Stunning water views from wrap around balconies

$135 per person (incl. GST)
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Celebrate the Melbourne Cup in style at Harbours Edge Events Centre. Enjoy lunch with spectacular views at our Sydney waterfront venue, the perfect place to watch the Melbourne Cup Carnival unfold.

Your day will include:

  • Drinks & Canapes on arrival
  • 3 Course Banquet Lunch
  • 4 Hour Deluxe Beverage Package (unlimited)
  • Charity Auction
  • TAB Facilities available
  • Live Coverage

Tickets are $115.00 inc GST
Group booking discounts available.
Tickets will sell quickly so don’t delay.

Container Hire

Container Hire

A family member of mine said that they had to move down to my area but needed to stay with me for at least a month until they were able to move into their own place. I had no problem with putting them up but didn’t have any extra room in my house to store their things. I read about a container hire, which would allow my family member to store all of their property inside the container until they were ready to leave. The best part about getting the container hire was the fact that they would be able to put their car inside of it also.

Not only was my family member able to store their car in the container but all of their furniture too, especially since it was a 40-foot container. I thought that getting a container hire for myself would also be a good idea because our home didn’t have as much space as I needed, and I needed a temporary holding space for some of my things. I was worried about how the container would get to my home, but I was relieved when they said that they would drop the container exactly where I needed it put on my property.

I allowed the ANL container hire to be put in front of the home in the driveway, and it hasn’t stopped me from parking in my driveway or disturbed any of the neighbors. I think a container hire is an excellent idea and has saved my family member a lot of money. When it hailed the other day, it put a lot of cracks and dents into the windows of cars around the neighborhood, but my family member’s car was protected by the container while mine was protected by my garage, so the container has been a very good idea.

Kids Love Homemade Birthday Cards And Other Projects

Kids Love Homemade Birthday Cards And Other Projects

Making your own birthday cards is a fun way to use your creativity. You can also make special occasion cards for holidays. There are varieties of ways to print your birthday cards by using an online software program. Homemade birthday cards are easy to make when you follow the exact instructions on the program. Once you have printed out your Charity Greeting Cards birthday cards, you can decorate them with stamps, markers or glitter. 

Popup birthday cards are also easy to make by folding the card and following instructions. Decorate the outside of your cards with buttons and items made out of construction paper. Let your kids make homemade cards to send to relatives and friends. Kids also love to make other homemade items such as tissue paper nightlights. Start with a small glass jar such as a baby food jar. 

You will need tissue paper, glue, paper plate, paintbrushes and tea lights operated from batteries. Pour a small amount of glue onto the paper plate. Add a little bit of water to keep the glue from drying out. Paint the outside of the jar with glue and add torn pieces of tissue paper. You can add a variety of colors or use just one. Turn the jar over and glue the bottom with additional tissue paper. Let the jar dry and add the nightlight for a beautiful new light for your kid’s rooms. 

Another popular arts and craft project for kids includes making a polar bear out of shaving cream. Start by mixing equal parts of glue and shaving cream in a small bowl. You will also need google eyes, paintbrushes, and cosmetic cotton pads. Paint the bottom of the paper plate with the shaving cream combination using a paintbrush. 

Cut out one eggcup from an empty egg carton and paint black for the bear’s nose. Add two cosmetic cotton pads for the ears. Complete the project by adding the eyes. Kids love this type of arts and crafts because they can use their hands instead of the paintbrush. Let the polar bear dry completely and your homemade arts and crafts project is finished.